Hello I’m Ken! I am located in Colchester, Essex. Check out some of my Projects and contact me if you need anything.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Video Editing




Description: Dayman Dynamics is a Dynamics 365 blog. Created by Thomas Dayman who works for Hitachi Solutions. When I first looked over the website, I noticed that the logo didn’t have a professional appearance. So, I designed a fresh new logo in Illustrator while preserving some of the original features.



Description: During the final year of University, I made a Gift-List Website called Keep Track. Allowing the individual to produce a list of desired items. Each invitee can choose an item to purchase. Although not finished it did allow me to acquire certain knowledge surrounding Node.Js to utilise in future projects.



Description: After the achievement of the first game. We created a second game called Level Square. Overall, the game requires more knowledge in order to progress. The Square is required to move through a maze using the tilt function on the device.



Description: Sky High is a mobile game that allows the user to avoid incoming objects from the side of the device. I Created the art for the game while also assisting in programming numerous features with my brother. Check out the game and see how well you can do.